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Our aim is to provide the UK with free information on all things Mortgages and put the general public in touch with the best Specialist Mortgage Advisors for their circumstances.

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We Specialise in obtaining Mortgages for customers with Complex cases. We have whole of market access to thousands of Mortgages with Mainstream and Specialist Mortgage Lenders

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Created by Mortgage Advisors with over 10 years experience in delivering Specialist Mortgage Advice to customers throughout the UK. Our aim is to provide insightful information and articles to the UK general public, and then put them in touch with the right Advisor for their circumstances.

First Time Buyers

Our insightful guides and jargon free advice will guide you through the whole process.


You could save thousands by simply changing your Mortgage from one deal to another.

Buy to Let

Obtaining a Buy to Let Mortgage can be a daunting and confusing process. We can make it simple.

Bad Credit

Previous Bad Credit? It doesn’t mean there aren’t options available to you

Self Employed

Each lender has a different approach to how they assess Self-Employed income.


The amount you are able to borrow will differ massively between lenders

Right to Buy

Available to those with no deposit and those looking to raise additional funds.

Our process in 3 simple steps

1. Contact Us

Complete our simple contact form. We’ll ask you for 4 pieces of information about yourself and give you the option to write us a message.
We will match your enquiry and send it over to one of our Advisors which Specialise in obtaining Mortgages for customers with your circumstances.

Our Mortgage Advisor will contact you and find out more information about you and your circumstances. This will enable them to make a recommendation to you.

2. Advice

Your Specialist Mortgage Advisor will now find you the best lender and most competitive product for you circumstances.

The cheapest product will then be presented to you and the reasons why the product has been chosen will be explained.

Your Advisor can then obtain a Decision In Principle for you to provide confirmation on how much you are able to borrow and that you pass the Lenders Credit Check.

3. Application

Once you have an offer accepted on a property or if you already have a property, your Advisor will be able to submit your full Mortgage Application and present your case to the Mortgage lender.

At this stage the lender will check your documentation and complete a valuation on the property.

Once the above has been confirmed as acceptable to the lender, they will issue your formal Mortgage Offer. This is their formal confirmation that they are happy to lend you funds you require.

"Incredibly helpful, will definitely use their Services again when it comes to Remortgaging. Professional, friendly and knowledgeable."

– Tom A

"Great service and advice, always easy to get in touch with! Will use their services again. "

– Rachel W

"Fantastic from start to finish. I didn't think i'd be eligible for a Mortgage due to some past problems. But thankfully Luke was able to find me a Mortgage so i could buy my Council home"

– Cameron D

"Really helpful and kept us up to date with everything"

– Michael K

"Can't thank you all enough. Thrilled to be purchasing my new home, when i never thought it would be possible

– Anne H

"Luke advised me on the Mortgage for my new home and existing BTL property. Also sorted out the Life Insurance i have with my wife. Always available to answer my questions."

– Andy G

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News & Resources

Mortgage Early Repayment Charges

Mortgage Early Repayment Charges

A Mortgage Early Repayment Charge is a charge your Mortgage Lender imposes when you overpay by more than the permitted amount. Or, repay your Mortgage prior to the expiry of the introductory or fixed rate.Mortgage Lenders will usually offer you an initial Introductory...

Concessionary Purchase Mortgage

Concessionary Purchase Mortgage

A concessionary purchase is where a property is purchased for less than the market value, usually from a family member. This can also be known as “below market value” or “gifted equity” and can occur between the following relationships: Between family members....

Talk About Money Worries

Talk About Money Worries

While, for many, discussions about money can be extremely uncomfortable, experts have long stressed the best approach to financial issues is invariably to talk about them. Indeed, perceived wisdom suggests the more open and honest people are about money, the better...

Let to Buy Mortgage

Let to Buy Mortgage

Simply, where you Remortgage your Residential property onto a Buy to Let Mortgage and then purchase a new residential property. Usually simultaneously. During this process, you can raise cash from your current property to use as a deposit for the new residential...

Cancel Life Insurance

Cancel Life Insurance

You can, but doesn’t mean you should. At a time like this, any Insurance which protects you or your family should not be cancelled. Consider what else could go instead if you are in desperate need to reduce outgoings. TV Subscriptions, Mobile Phone/Utility Insurance....

When to get a Mortgage 2020

When to get a Mortgage 2020

when to get a mortgage 2020 mortgages are being withdrawn from the market Due to the current economic climate Mortgage Lenders have recently been tightening criteria, increasing the minimum deposit you require or withdrawing Mortgages altogether. So why are Mortgages...

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